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Results we've helped clients achieve:

A global airline


No upgrades or changes to the office in 10 years. 

Needing to accommodate increased numbers of staff in less space. 


The Yowse Report showed that the company needed less space than they thought, enabling the lease to be re-negotiated. 

This led to £700,000 savings in property costs per year. 

Additionally, there was a 30% email reduction across the company as more people had more conversations offline.​

An international architectural practice


Experiencing rapid business growth. 

Needing to review inefficiencies before considering an office move.


The Yowse Report showed that:


- Meeting rooms were too large and therefore an inefficient use of space.

- Hot desks were empty and unused most of the time. 

- Communal areas were underutilised.

This enabled the company to make an informed decision when considering an office move.

​An online recruitment agency


​Experiencing rapid business growth.

An immediate office move was seen as the only option for meeting business need.


Renegotiated current lease to remain on existing premises for additional six months. 

This enabled the company to avoid penalties that would have been incurred for breaking the lease, as well as bought sufficient time to find new, suitable premises.

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