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Look around.

How many empty desks do you see?

- growing or downsizing?

- moving offices?

- renewing your lease?

- reviewing your property portfolio?

- going agile?

- changing culture?

Are you:

At Yowse, we help companies with 100+ employees create a more socially and financially productive workplace.

At YOWSE we help companies with over 100 employees to create a more productive and profitable workplace.

The Yowse Report

We review your business, interview employees and analyse how you utilise and occupy your property.


We produce a tailored report, providing you with detailed information on how your workplace is performing.

The Yowse Report provides recommendations that could lead to greater efficiencies, cost savings, increased productivity and wellbeing.

The Yowse Report includes:

Occupancy data

How efficiently is your space utilised?

What is the actual percentage of work stations that are occupied?

How much space do you actually need?

It may be less than you think​.

Office heat map

Which areas are least effective?

Where does collaboration happen?​

Which are the busiest areas? 

How can you optimise your workplace?​

​Employee engagement

What gets in the way of employee satisfaction and productivity?

How do employees really think and feel about their workplace?

What could make it even better?​

And our recommendations

We give recommendations based on the data to help you save costs, improve productivity and progress your workplace culture. 

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